Superstars Recognition Program

Introducing the Superstars Recognition Program: Celebrating Extraordinary Contributions at Blackstone Consulting Inc.

BCI is thrilled to unveil its new Superstars Recognition Program aimed at acknowledging and rewarding the outstanding achievements and impactful contributions of its employees. The program has proven to be a catalyst for fostering positive performance behavior across all levels of the organization.

The Superstars Recognition Program is designed to honor individuals who consistently surpass the expectations of their positions and demonstrate a profound positive influence on BCI, aligning with the company’s Core Values. This initiative presents seven awards, each representing one of BCI’s Core Values:

  1. The Collaboration Award: Recognizing the pivotal role of all departments in achieving exceptional products, services, and quality management. This award celebrates individuals who actively cultivate collaboration, listen, evolve together, and support one another to attain collective goals through reciprocity.
  1. The Accountability Award: Emphasizing the commitment to delivering one’s best effort daily and contributing to the elevation of BCI’s value. This award acknowledges employees who exemplify responsibility for their words, actions, and results.
  1. The Teamwork Award: Celebrating the essential role each team member plays and the opportunity they have to execute their responsibilities and make a tangible difference. This award recognizes the power of collaboration and collective effort in achieving extraordinary outcomes.
  1. The Differentiation Award: Acknowledging individuals who positively impact the service BCI provides, driving profitability for all key stakeholders. This award commends those who bring about significant positive change and set new standards for the company as a whole.
  1. The Excellence Award: Encouraging employees to strive for nothing short of exceptional work in every task they take on. This award honors those who consistently exhibit unparalleled dedication and commitment to excellence.
  1. The Impact Award: Recognizing the significance of meaningful work for customers and employees alike, as well as contributing to a better society and environment. This award celebrates individuals who make a profound difference in their respective roles.
  1. The Inclusion Award: Emphasizing the creation of an inclusive environment that provides development opportunities and positive experiences for all employees. This award showcases the value BCI places on treating everyone with dignity and professionalism.

The recognition process commences with employees nominating their peers through a Recognition Nomination Form. Nominees are then promptly informed of their nomination and become eligible for the quarterly awards. If selected as an award recipient, individuals receive a certificate, a prize, and their photograph will be proudly displayed in the main office lobby for the quarter.

In addition to the quarterly winners, the names and nominations of all recipients throughout the year will be published, and employees will be invited to vote for the annual winner. The announcement of the annual winner takes place at the end of the year, accompanied by a congratulatory luncheon.