About Us

A History of Service.

Founded in 1991 by company president Joe Blackstone, Blackstone Consulting, Inc. (BCI) is an international service provider supporting nearly 9,000 managed employees. Our earliest partnerships paired us with the Department of Defense to provide full food, mess attendant and janitorial services. And while those partnerships continue to this day, our client base has grown to include Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, schools, universities and industrial sites.

The foundation of our success starts in our corporate office where our executive team oversees the daily operations of all corporate initiatives and field activities. The corporate office consists of strong teams in the areas of Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Risk Management, Payroll, Marketing and Business Development. Additionally, BCI prides itself on strong field management and a diverse and competent workforce to perform its service contracts.

Our International Network

Across the nation and overseas, Blackstone Consulting, Inc. oversees an ever-growing network of accounts and services.

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